Purposefully Crafted: Embracing Our Amish Roots

When it comes to developing and launching new products, one of the most important things any craftsman can do is invest the work of his hands with a sense of unique purpose and identity. A creative heritage. A point of origin, from which we can trace its lineage, solidify its story and connect it to a broader narrative.

For the team at Dutch Quality Stone, the broader narrative that inspires every new product design is steeped in the intentional, mindful culture of our Amish roots. Founded in Wayne County, Ohio, by five Amish artisans in 1996, Dutch Quality Stone has established a reputation for manufacturing some of the most thoughtfully designed stone veneer products on the market, with an unwavering commitment to quality that simply cannot be matched by other brands whose production process relies heavily on automation.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2021, we are proud to keep the spirit of craftsmanship alive and well, with a team of talented men and women – nearly 80 percent of whom are from Amish or Mennonite communities today – who invest in every project and product with the utmost care and quality.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the traditions and values that shape our every effort, all the while showcasing the humanity behind our products.

Family is the Foundation

The first and most important element of working at Dutch Quality Stone is the sense of purpose and identity that come from our colleagues. With a 25-year history, we are privileged to work alongside multiple generations of the same families who first helped put our brand on the map. Side by side with several other members of the local community, many of whom are connected by family bonds that extend outside our four walls, each member of the team takes pride in doing work well.

This commitment to one another and to doing high-quality work that bears the signature of the entire community extends outward as well, to our customers. Every day, we begin with the ending in mind, which is to say that our design and production standards have been intentionally established to reflect our team’s commitment to the families and businesses who utilize the hard work of our hands.

End-to-End Innovations

To ensure that we are continually providing the best products to our customers, the products themselves aren’t the only “handmade” elements at our disposal. In fact, the majority of our equipment was designed and built utilizing machined components that were developed by a local, Amish-owned machine shop. In fact, we are thrilled to introduce new innovative tools and processes on a routine basis, without compromising our culture at home or our commitments as a company. This is why we continue to operate one of the most efficient facilities in the manufactured stone industry.

Heritage has never been a hindrance to our process. To the contrary, the time-honored craftsmanship in our DNA often guarantees a more hands-on approach than our more automated industry brethren. From sourcing new materials and inspiration, all the way through to final delivery, we have dedicated artists and experts working in concert every step of the way.

The Role of Responsibility

With artisans and experts involved in every step of the production process, the entire team works in harmony with a true sense of ownership. From identifying, replicating and perfecting the unique textures and color of sourced stones and other natural elements, to packaging new products for shipment, there’s no point in our day-to-day work that doesn’t involve a human being who is fully dedicated to doing his or her best work.

Would you believe we only have one person quality-checking our entire facility and its products? You should, because it’s true. And it’s made possible because every person on the line takes responsibility as a “first line of defense” against quality issues and corrections that other businesses might not address until the end of the line.

In short, our people are the “Dutch Quality” behind our products.

Given the continued success of our products and our continued expansion into new market segments, there’s clearly strong interest in our products among builders, contractors and other specifiers that we’re excited to serve. We believe this is because our heritage is an incredible indicator of value for the present and the future.

No matter how much advancement we see in terms of process automation, you can never fully replicate the heart of a craftsman. We put our hearts, minds and creativity into every nuance, including the celebrated imperfections of texture and color that showcase our human artistry.

As people, we are far from perfect, yet our story matters. Our origins matter. And, if we do our work well, our heritage becomes a legacy that future generations will proudly claim.

About Sarah Lograsso

Sarah Lograsso is the Director of Marketing for Boral North America’s stone division of brands (Cultured Stone, Eldorado Stone, Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds, Versetta Stone, Dutch Quality, StoneCraft and ProStone), where she manages all of the brands’ marketing, advertising and promotional projects and objectives. She is well versed in manufactured stone and brick veneer, masonry techniques, biophilic design, fireplace surrounds, outdoor living, fire bowls, color and texture, and up-to-date industry and market trends.